Visual Art

Visual Art

At Trafalgar Primary School we believe in nurturing creative learners in order to develop their imaginative and practical skills.

Through our weekly 50 minute sessions students are exposed to a variety of art mediums with a focus on developing their understanding of the design elements and principles of art. We aim to engage, challenge and inspire students by providing a range of art experiences from Foundation to year six, which teach specific skills and techniques, as well as giving students the opportunity to experiment and explore themselves.

Within our lessons students will learn about the historical and cultural significance of art as well as how to evaluate and appraise the works of others.

Along with our strong Visual Art program, we also have opportunities for students to enter their work into art shows.

Tanjil Valley and district were invited to display their art works alongside an amazing array of adult works and participate in the 14th Tanjil Valley Art show in the U13 Youth Art section, held at the former Hill End Primary school. Students from Trafalgar, Rawson, Willow Grove and Tanjil South Primary as well as individual art entries showcased their artistic talent and put on a beautiful display for the public. Approximately 35 pieces from across the year levels at Trafalgar Primary were chosen to represent our school with many taking home prizes and awards.

Just like Picasso we believe “every child is an artist”.