Trafalgar Primary School

What we offer

At Trafalgar Primary school, we are a Professional Learning Community. Teachers work collaboratively, across year levels, to support all students at their point of need. Teachers meet together weekly to ensure your child is progressing, and to make sure that your child makes growth in their learning. This means, whilst your child has their classroom teacher, they also have the skills, knowledge and expertise of all teachers in their year level, working together, to improve the learning outcomes of your child.

Trafalgar Primary School and Early Learning Centre is a vibrant, caring and inclusive place to learn with specialist programs in Music , Media (Visual Art), Movement (Physical Education) and Indonesian.

The school also has a successful Performing Arts program. At Trafalgar Primary School we believe in fostering each child’s desire to learn as we develop creative thinkers, strategic problem solvers, collaborative team members and independent, confident learners who are equipped for future success.

Our Classroom Practice includes:

  • Use of High Impact Teaching Strategies

  • Explicit instruction of Phonological Awareness

  • Systematic Synthetic Phonics

  • Mathematical Concepts

  • Comprehensive Writing Curriculum

  • Inquiry Learning (real world based approach)

  • Response to Intervention (RTI) - Small group support for students requiring intervention and extension

  • Tutor Learning Initiative

Our Speclialist areas include:

  • Indonesian

  • Music (Performing Arts)

  • Visual Arts

  • Physical Education