Compass Continuum

The Continuum provides a more detailed report on your child’s academic achievement (in Maths and Reading. Progress against each continuum is reviewed at approximately 3 to 5 week intervals by teaching teams and is a record of your child’s current progress towards the targets expected to be achieved by the end of the current academic year. The continuum describes the skills and processes a student must be able to perform before progressing to the work expected at the next year level.

  • A green tick indicates a standard has been met
  • A blue triangle indicates a standard is partially met
  • A grey cross indicates a standard has not been met, or not taught yet

Teachers often include comments against each standard in the continuum. These comments may include additional personal information that tells a parent:

  • How specifically a student might have demonstrated a skills
  • Examples of student work
  • An explanation about what a student needs to do next to demonstrate a standard