Learning a second language and culture gives children the opportunity to reflect on their own language and culture. Trafalgar Primary School provides a Language program for all students across the school as outlined in the Languages learning strand of the Victorian Curriculum. The Victorian Curriculum Languages Introduction states “In learning a language, students develop communication skills and knowledge and come to understand social, historical, familial relationships and other aspects of the specific language and culture of the speakers of the language they are studying. Learners are also provided with the tools, through comparison and reflection, to understand language, culture and humanity in a broad sense. In this way, language learning contributes to the development of inter-culturally aware citizens, of increasing importance at a time of rapid and deep globalisation.”

At Trafalgar Primary School our Indonesian language program runs for 50 minutes per week with a qualified teacher. Within that session, our Specialist teacher delivers a concise, realistic and practical language program aimed at teaching students basic communicative language and knowledge of the Indonesian culture.

Throughout their time at Trafalgar Primary School, students will develop their language skills and understanding of Indonesian culture through a variety of activities such as language games, stories, word games, rhyming, chanting and singing. They will learn the pronunciation, intonation and body language of native speakers of Indonesian and use the language in structured situations and activities related to their local environment, for example self, family, home, classroom and community.

About our Sister School: SD Negeri Balang Baru 1

SD Negeri Balang Baru 1 is a primary school of similar size to ours. It is located in a suburban area outside of the city of Makassar in South Sulewesi, Indonesia. They teach English as a second language and have some English speaking staff. However, their English language is limited. The school consists of a two story building which is utilized by two separate schools, having different session times each day. The technology is limited at SD Balang Baru 1. There is no wifi or computers available for teacher or student use. The staff at SD Balang Baru who are involved in the BRIDGE program, were endorsed by the principal and the school community to foster strong relationships with an Australian school.

Trafalgar Primary School and SD Balang Baru 1 established our partnership in 2016. Staff from the school visited for two weeks and observed and taught cultural lessons with our Grade 3 students. Since our first visit from them we have kept up our communication via email and Whatsap. Our students have exchanged postcards with information about themselves which has been turned into a book.

In July 2018, Staff from Trafalgar Primary School took up the opportunity for a reciprocal visit, observing and teaching in several classrooms.

From 2020, students in Year 5 and 6 will have the opportunity to visit Indonesia and SD Negeri Balang Baru 1.