Music at Trafalgar Primary School

At Trafalgar Primary School we are fortunate to offer a large and vibrant music program. The study of music fosters intellectual, physical and emotional development as well as helping with social skills, teamwork, memory and leadership skills.

Every student from Foundation to Year 6 participates in a weekly music class with music specialist teacher Ricky Allan. The teaching philosophy is hands-on music classes where students of all ages and abilities learn about music while having fun.

In the classroom students explore beat, rhythm, pitch, melody and composition through singing, playing instruments, body percussion and movement. Students also use and learn a variety of instruments including singing, piano/keyboards, guitars, ukuleles, xylophones and percussion.

The music facilities at the school are of a very high standard with high quality musical instruments, equipment and rooms.

Performance opportunities:

  • Assembly performances

  • Lunchtime performances

  • Rockfest entry

  • End of year concert - ‘Festival on the lawn’.

Instrumental Music Program

Trafalgar Primary School provides students with an extra-curricular Instrumental Music Program where students have the fantastic opportunity to learn and play a musical instrument of their choice.

We hire specialised music instructors that guide students in developing an appreciation and enjoyment of music. Lessons offer an opportunity to have fun making music on the student’s chosen instrument and become a better musician.

Instruments offered:

  • Guitar

  • Bass guitar

  • Piano/keyboards

  • Singing

  • Piano/singing (combined lesson)

  • Ukulele

  • Strings (violin, cello, viola)

  • Woodwind (Clarinet, flute, oboe, bassoon, recorder)

  • Brass (french horn)

Performance opportunities:

  • Instrumental concerts

  • Assembly performances

  • Lunchtime performances

  • Rockfest entry